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Take your business to a new level of efficiency by linking your Act! and QuickBooks applications together. Having separate Act! and QuickBooks databases can be a major source of inefficiency and duplicate work. With our QuickBooks link for Act! you eliminate double-entry and make your Act! and QuickBooks users more productive.

Get your entire Act! database on nearly any mobile device out there. Not just your contacts and calendar! With Handheld Contact you'll be able to see and add notes, histories, custom fields, and more.

Companion link is the one sync program that can send your Act! data to nearly any device! Including any smart phone, Google and even Outlook. Simple to setup and a one-time purchase makes this a top notch solution for anyone who needs mobility.

Need Act! to track something specific to your business or industry? With Topline Designer you can create entirely new screens in your Act! program. Configured to track any type of information you can imagine. With Topline Dash you can view all of your Act! data in one place. Not only in lists but also in colorful charts and graphs.