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Get Expert Act! Technical Support

Like any complex computer program, Act! can certainly raise questions or present technical issues through normal every day use.

In an effort to help keep the costs of support low we offer several pre-paid support options to choose from.

See the chart below for more details:

Duration Hourly Pre-Pay 5 Hours Pre-Pay 10 Hours Annual Support
Cost $140 Per Hour $120 Per Hour $100 Per Hour $280 Per Year and
$10/month per registered Act! user
Limitations None Must be used within 12 months Must be used within 24 months Does not cover project oriented support
(ask for details)
Travel Time No cost
No minimum
No cost
1 hour minimum
No cost
1 hour minimum
$25 per hour

How We Charge Time

  • Support is charged in 15 minute increments
  • No minimum fee for remote support


  • We accept check or credit card
  • Credit card payments are subject to 5% fee
  • Annual Support is charged 1 year in advance