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Receive Professional Act! Training

Group Training

Have a group you need trained? Let us bring in our mobile training lab, including laptops, projector, and of course cheatsheets. Our hands on training approach assures your users get the most of their time with us.

1 on 1 Training

Just yourself or a new employee in need of training? We do that too. Our one on one training is tailored specifically to the individual and is entirely hands on.

Basic Training

Basic training is designed to help new and existing users get more out of Act!'s basic functionality.

This class serves as both an introduction to the software as well as a fantastic review for seasoned users who are looking for shortcuts and efficiencies. By the end of this class you will walk away with all the necessary knowledge to start utilizing Act! for all its basic operations.

Basic Training Curriculum:

  • Contact Creation
  • Handling duplicates
  • Lookups
  • Using the Calendar
  • Writing Letters
  • Printing Labels
  • Managing Groups
  • Q/A Session (end of class)

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Going beyond the basics, advanced training focuses on the next level of Act!'s core functionality.

This class is designed to build on your existing knowledge of Act! to take advantage of the higher level utilities. The functions learned in this class will change the way you use ACT, turning it from a digital rolodex into a fully fledged Automated Contact Tracker.

Advanced Training Agenda:

  • Templates and Mail Merge Marketing
  • Mass changes/clean-up
  • Group membership rules
  • Running Reports
  • Using Smart Tasks
  • Customizing Dashboard
  • Q/A Session (end of class)

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Our marketing class offers a start to finish walk-through of marketing directly from your Act! database.

Using the built-in functionality provided by SwiftPage, you'll learn everything necessary to start using Act! for fully fledged marketing campaigns.

Marketing Training Agenda

  • Setting up a Swift Page account
  • Customizing templates
  • Targeting correct clients with look-ups
  • Sending your first campaign
  • Viewing campaign feedback/reports

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