Successful Implementation

The number one factor in the successful implementation of any CRM is proper training. The Act! CRM is no different. If you’d like to see your users adopt the contact manager quickly then let us help remove the stumbling blocks. Check out our training page for details.

Why Train?

The number one factor in the successful implementation of any CRM is proper training. Even though Act! has been voted the easiest contact manager to learn, training is a must if you plan to get the most out of the CRM. Fortunately, our training experts have you covered! Whether you’re local or not, we’ll offer the training that’s specific to your business needs. The training plan we setup for your business will include hand-picked topics – the topics that will positively impact your usage the most.

Online Training

If your Act! users are spread all over the country, then online training is often a great fit. The Hayes Consulting trainer will setup everything necessary for the session. Including a live screen sharing session and conference dial-in number. We can even record the training session for later review and reuse.

In-Person Training

If your Act! users gather in one location, we’ll send our training expert out for an in-person training session. In-person training offers a personal touch that you just can’t quite get online.

Available Classes

Hayes Consulting offers several training courses. The curriculum has been developed to help ease users into the CRM without overwhelming them. Each session is 3 hours and ends with a question/answer session. We also offer a Question/Answer type class for teams that have been using the Act! CRM for a long time. See below for details.

ACT! Basics

Basic training is designed to help new and existing users get more out of the Act! CRM basic functionality.

This training class serves as both an introduction to the software as well as a fantastic review for seasoned users who are looking for shortcuts and efficiencies. By the end of this class you will walk away with all the necessary knowledge to start utilizing the Act! CRM for all its basic operations.

Basic Training Curriculum:

  • Contact Creation
  • Notes and Histories
  • Lookups
  • Using the Calendar
  • Writing Letters
  • Printing Labels
  • Managing Groups

ACT! Advanced

Going beyond the basics – advanced training focuses on the next level of the Act! CRM’s core functionality.

This training class is designed to build on your existing knowledge of Act! and take advantage of the higher-level utilities. The functions learned in this class will change the way you use ACT, turning it from a digital rolodex into a fully-fledged Automated Contact Tracker.

Advanced Training Curriculum:

  • Templates and Mail Merge Marketing
  • Advanced Lookups
  • Automated Groups
  • Mass changes/clean-up
  • Handling Duplicates
  • Running Reports

eMarketing Automation

Our marketing training class offers a start to finish walk-through of marketing directly from your Act! database. Using the built-in functionality provided by SwiftPage, you’ll learn everything necessary to start using Act! for fully fledged marketing campaigns.

Marketing Training Curriculum:

  • Setting up the account
  • Customizing templates
  • Targeting correct clients with look-ups
  • Sending your first campaign
  • Viewing campaign feedback/reports

Question/Answers Session

While each of our CRM training courses can be tailored to fit your exact needs, sometimes those needs are either hard to identify or they’re sprawled across many of the different Act! CRM modules.  Our question/answer training sessions are great for this situation.

Our training professional will sit down with your team and field all their direct questions. We won’t just tell you the answers, we’ll guide you through them on screen. From initial set-up to customization for your specific needs, our  consultants have the expertise, experience, and passion to get you up and running effectively-and keep you running smoothly.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

“For over a decade Hayes Consulting has kept our CRM working great. With their help, through training and customizing, our database has become something we utilize each and every day to help drive enterprise-wide growth.  I would highly recommend Hayes Consulting to any company looking to get more out of their contact management solution.”

Tony Lucarelli, Executive VP, Henningsen Cold Storage

I have been an Act disciple for over 15 years now and during that time my go-to-Act-guru has been Hayes Consulting.  Not only do they know the Act software backwards and forwards, I don’t know if there is a more available team working in the world of IT / business today.  Hayes Consulting is always available to help me with my Act issues and does so with care, professionalism, and a spiritedly infectious attitude.  Had it not been for Hayes Consulting and their level of expertise, I might have switched database programs several times over the years.  Hayes Consulting will always receive the highest recommendation and endorsement I can offer when it comes to having an Act guru on speed dial!

Matt Elerding, President, The Elerding Team

“We have worked hand-and-hand with Hayes Consulting for approx. 10 years. As an IT service provider, I appreciate it when I get to work with this type of vendor. They are knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, honest and most importantly, looking out for client’s best interests. All my clients that have worked with Hayes Consulting were pleased with their services. If you are in the market for a quality CRM product, I strongly encourage you to hire Hayes Consulting for the job.

Jeremy Ball, Co-Owner, IT Group NW

We have been a loyal client of Hayes Consulting for 14 years.  They have always taken great care of us with prompt and skilled service.  They have administered several training’s for our whole team, which was very useful.

We’ve found all of our experiences with Hayes Consulting to be very rewarding! 

Missy Gerber, Presidents, Organizers Northwest

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